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Welcome to the Hybridge Network Registration website.  Please use this site and related materials to familiarize yourself with Hybridge.

In 2010, we began expanding Hybridge throughout the country. Through education and consulting, we began forming a national network of the best dental implant doctors, who offer Hybridge in their markets.

Hybridge is a protocol, a product, and a business model that enables you to fullfill your promise to the patient.  The degree to which it is any or all of these things depends on the way a practice decides to use it. While the focus of Hybridge is on full arch restorations, it impacts a wide range of complex, restorative dentistry and, thus, your entire implant practice.

Hybridge incorporates learning from thousands of full arch restorations over twenty years.  For those new to full arch, the protocol provides a simplified, repetitive process applicable in virtually all cases, giving doctors the confidence to design and execute advanced, reconstructive dentistry cases from initial consult to final prosthesis.  For those already accomplished in full arch and reconstructive dentistry, the protocol greatly reduces chair and calendar time, enabling the practitioner to increase profitability per case and take on more cases, with predictable outcomes.  Additionally, Hybridge’s custom-designed implants from BioHorizons enable doctors to complete a full arch without abutments, further reducing practitioner costs. Case times from initial surgery to final prostheses range from as little as three weeks for edentulous mandibular starts, to sixteen weeks for dentate maxilla starts.

The Hybridge Network consists of dental specialists and General Dentists who are capable of performing the Hybridge Protocol to the highest standards. Hybridge LLC works closely with those doctors to provide the services and support necessary to establish and maintain them as leaders in the Dental Implant field.

The profession of Dentistry is changing very fast. Implants have become arguably the most significant advancement in all of dentistry in the last 50 years. Like any other industry during this time, those that lead during a time of dramatic change will prosper the most.

Participating in the Hybridge network requires a Hybridge Network License. Please see the Hybridge Network Requirements to learn about the licensing process.

We are glad to help you move forward and we welcome your questions at any time.


Frank R. LaMar DDS
Practice Limited to Prosthodontics
Founder of Hybridge

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