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Patients, Click Here for our patient site.

The Way A Full Arch Dental Implant System Should Be

Advanced Full Arch Systems Customized to Help Grow Your Unique Practice


If you are exploring or entering the dental implant retained full arch space, we can help you make a successful transition.

New to the full arch space


As you expand your full arch practice, we can help you overcome competition, price compression, and eliminate the inconsistencies with other full arch protocols.

1-2 Full arch cases per month


As a high production full arch practitioner, Hybridge can significantly reduce chair time, dramatically decrease prosthetic failure rates, and increase your full arch case load.

1-2 Full arch cases per week

Hybridge is The Proven Full Arch System

The Hybridge protocols are both proven, streamlined and are driven by the following attributes:

  • Coordinated clinical sequences that extend from the Initial Records stage to final delivery of the definitive prosthesis
  • Standardization that addresses complex case variabilities for increased predictability and dramatically fewer complications
  • Proprietary and patent-pending techniques to establish final tooth position without iterative set-ups or try-ins
  • Interdependent considerations in the surgical and restorative phases that are integrated into each case
  • Synchronization with the Hybridge Full Arch Specialty Laboratory to ensure prosthetic durability, adjustability, and long-lasting life

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