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Experienced Full Arch Practitioners

Doctors building a full arch practice have many hurdles to overcome when using more traditional protocols.

Full Arch Restorations

Full arch restoration is transforming restorative dentistry and is one of the fastest growing segments in this discipline. The Hybridge dental implant protocols, founded on restoratively-driven principles, determined over 25 years and 8,000 full arch case experiences, are revolutionizing the way doctors perform full arch treatments.

Advanced Hybridge Protocols

The advanced Hybridge protocols provide experienced full-arch doctors with a proven and highly standardized step-by-step treatment process that simplifies the restorative phase of the case, a time when most case issues materialize. The protocols dramatically reduce complications by delivering highly predictable and easily repeatable treatment process.

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This treatment process includes:

  • A coordinated clinical sequence that extends from the Initial Records stage to the Final Delivery of the definitive prosthesis
  • Proprietary and patent-pending techniques to establish final tooth position without iterative set-ups or try-ins
  • Surgical parameters that are integrated with the prosthetic design
  • Specific details and strategies for each appointment to effectively manage patient expectations throughout the entire case
  • Quality control measures are integrated into each element of the protocol
  • A comprehensive surgical and restorative video library
  • Supplemental training, coaching and mentoring to help doctors swiftly achieve competency and confidence
  • Staff training and support will accelerate the full arch practice
  • Fewer appointments saving time, increasing profitability and enhancing patient satisfaction

Superior Prostheses

The Hybridge Full Arch Specialty Laboratory:
“Where State-of-the-Art Technology Meets World Class Craftsmanship”.

Hybridge Full Arch restorations are created in the U.S.A. with precision technology and craftsmanship, ensuring an authentic solution that gives patients the healthy mouth and beautiful teeth they desire and expect. The newfound comfort, renewed confidence, and peace-of-mind patients enjoy with Hybridge transforms their quality of life for years to come.

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The Hybridge full arch laboratory utilizes only the most advanced technologies and incorporates the following attributes:

  • The lab works exclusively with Hybridge certified doctors
  • All Hybridge laboratory technicians are experienced, well-educated and trained by our general manager, Tom Lake and our co-founder, Dr, Frank LaMar
  • We maintain high levels of expertise with leading dental technologies including White Light Scanning, 3D Printing, CAD-CAM design, laser milling, computerized injection and finishing technologies
  • Hybridge’s “Initial Records” process informs the lab’s ability to “hit the target” in one try
  • Proprietary lab procedure for processing the scans into designs solves the challenges of full arch scanning, soft tissue and tooth position
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Zirkonzahn Zirconia restorations for all implant supported solutions
  • Our online Digital Rx system enables doctors to submit new cases digitally, and track their progress online
  • We always provide real-time case support

Practice Growth Engine

Price elasticity can make competing in the full arch space very challenging. However, managing your full arch fee and adjusting for competition will only work if your pricing strategy drives the volume required to remain profitable. Knowing how to achieve volume in a competitive full arch market is essential to long-term success. The graphic below demonstrates this point.

Building Demand:
If you are trying to build, expand or maximize a full arch practice, understanding your local market conditions, target audience and competition while utilizing the appropriate strategies to attract potential patients is essential to the success of your endeavor.

While many competitors exist in the general implant space, growing a full arch practice will require a unique and specific full arch practice growth strategy based on full arch patient needs and requirements.

Full arch practice growth promotion principles:

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  • Ineffective marketing won’t grow revenue
  • Effective marketing is insufficient to grow revenue on its own
  • Building you full are practice requires a good understanding of the factors that manage, track and most importantly, measure your success
  • Having command of the factors will ensure your investment in branding will pay great dividends
    To move the dial on case volume, most practices will need more than just leads. Managing the other variables is critical to success. It will require a practice-wide team approach and a powerful and experienced marketing partner.

The best way to understand the principles of growing a full arch practice is to consider an important formula:

“Volume = Leads X Appointment Rate X Conversion Ratio” 

The graphic below depicts the relationship between the different variables, how they interact with each other and who in the organization is responsible and accountable for the specific actions that drive success. This is the Hybridge Network collaborative path.

As you can observe, a collaborative team approach between the doctor, his or her staff and the marketing partner they select is very important. The Hybridge Network Marketing Team can guide your practice through the issues, strategies, and tactics that can be deployed to achieve success in the full arch space.

Building Full-Arch Case Volume

Hybridge has resources to support a practice’s effort to create new patient traffic, and has many tools and training to improve the practice’s ability to turn leads into volume.

Licensing The Hybridge Brand:

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  • Custom URL and Personalized Hybridge Landing Page
  • Hybridge Marketing Assets for a Practice Website
  • Highh-Quality Full Arch Marketing Creative Assets including:
  • Web Video’s, TV Commercials, Radio Spots and Print Marketing Assets
  • Digital and Social Media Assets
  • Patient Brochures, Counter Signs, and Waiting Room Materials
  • Graphic Design and Copy Writing
  • Patient Education Tools to Help with Case Conversion

The Hybridge brand has been in the full arch consumer space for nearly a decade. As a leader in the full arch marketplace, we have a deep understanding of how to attract the full arch patient with relevant and effective messaging. With Hybridge brand licensing, clinicians have access to effective high-quality marketing assets that are highly relevant and help a clinician to lead and compete in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

We understand that implant practice growth requires proper planning, and that not all markets are alike. Clinicians that license the Hybridge brand benefit from Hybridge’s seasoned experience and expertise in the full arch space.

As a marketing consultant to a doctor’s practice, Hybridge works with clinicians, their teams, and their existing marketing partners to leverage Hybridge’s impactful full arch marketing assets and patient educational tools to increase patient opportunities for a practice. To re-create these production assets on one’s own would be cost prohibitive, thus Hybridge clinicians are able to benefit from these tools without the overhead of production costs. For those clinicians that don’t have a media buying agency, Hybridge has media buying agency relationships with proven track records with driving full arch patient opportunities to a practice.

If you are looking to grow your full arch and implant practice, or to become a leader in your local market, we are confident that Licensing the Hybridge Brand will meet your branding and promotional needs.

Over-reaching can diffuse your brand recognition and impede your full arch focus.

When doctors attempt to promote several specific areas of the practice at the same time, he or she runs the risk of diffusing the message and not getting the value desired from the marketing investment.

At Hybridge, we recommend that practices attempting to build a full arch practice make that offering the focus of their advertising campaign.

Your Patient Mix Reflects Your Marketing Focus

  • Focus position around complex restorations
  • Pull-thru lower value residuals
  • Outcome: richer case mix but more volatility
  • Target messaging of specific dental needs
  • Patient mix reflects marketing mix (subject to critical mass minimums)
  • Outcome: high patient volume with lower average $ per case

Hence, a full arch campaign is best served by leveraging the power of a full arch focused national brand like Hybridge. In addition, a practice can take instant advantage of an array of conventional and digital Hybridge advertising assets to swiftly position the practice in the markets it serves.

Let the Hybridge Marketing Team Help You Achieve Full Arch Success

Hybridge Certified Network doctors have a unique opportunity to deploy a sophisticated market analysis tool which generates a customized and highly targeted advertising and promotional strategy that speaks directly to potential full arch patients or can intercept them as they research full arch on-line. The Hybridge team is also capable of leveraging other national brand advertisers or individual practice promotions in highly competitive markets by implementing a full arch patient digital intercept strategy to engage full arch patients researching the procedure online.

This Strategy Considers and Leverages:

  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power of the Hybridge national brand
  • The outstanding reputation cultivated by Hybridge over the last 10 years
  • An in-depth understanding of the consumer’s decision journey
  • The intersection between the patient’s full arch research and different conventional and digital media elements

To receive more information or to schedule a practice growth webinar, click here or contact Randal Simonetti by calling 585-319-5400 Ext 218.

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