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Patients, Click Here for our patient site.

High Volume Full Arch Practitioners

High production full arch practitioners have achieved a respected level of success and are now focused on three critical areas, chair time, prosthetic failure rates and reputation.

Full Arch Restorations

Full arch restoration is transforming restorative dentistry and is one of the fastest growing segments in this discipline. High volume full arch doctors completing more than 50 full arch cases have perfected a repeatable process to ensure high productivity and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Hybridge Protocols

The Hybridge advanced protocols are restoratively-driven and based on sound prosthodontic principles. Our Experience spans 25 years and over 8,000 full arch cases which has provided unique insight into streamlining the treatment process and dramatically reducing chair time. In addition:

  • Our doctors experience very low rework and prosthetic failure rates
  • Doctors can maintain their market dominance and price leadership
  • Patient hygiene is faster
  • Prostheses are always made to ACTUAL implant location, not a planned location
  • Specific details for each appointment are mapped out to effectively manage patient expectations throughout the entire case. This improves the patient experience while enhancing the doctor’s reputation
  • Doctors can gain more time for family, friends, hobbies and recreation

Superior Prostheses

The Hybridge Full Arch Specialty Laboratory:
“Where State-of-the-Art Technology Meets World Class Craftsmanship.”

High Volume Full Arch Doctors are acutely aware that the quality of the prosthesis affects practice profitability and capacity.

“Ten years ago, building my own full arch specialty laboratory was the last thing on my mind. However, based on the sheer volume of cases my brother Jim and I undertook, we needed to be completely confident that the materials and manufacturing process we used was superior, completely dependable and long-lasting.” Dr. Frank LaMar, Hybridge Co-Founder

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Hybridge Full Arch restorations are created in the U.S.A. with precision technology and craftsmanship, ensuring an authentic solution that gives patients the healthy mouth and beautiful teeth they desire and expect. The newfound peace-of-mind doctors enjoy with the Hybridge specialty laboratory translates directly to satisfied patients and a glowing practice reputation.

The Hybridge full-arch laboratory utilizes only the most advanced technologies and incorporates the following attributes:

  • A highly synchronized, reliable and responsive team dedicated to selecting only the most durable, chair-side adjustable and long-lasting prosthetic materials on the market today
  • Exclusively focus on only Hybridge certified doctors
  • High levels of expertise with leading dental technologies including White Light Scanning, 3D Printing, CAD-CAM design, laser milling, computerized injection molding and finishing technologies
  • Premium PMMA certified for long-term use by the FDA
  • Proprietary chemical bonding to our extremely strong and non-flexing Co Cr frames ensures long-term durability and 
  • We always provide real-time case support

Practice Growth Engine

We understand that implant practice growth requires proper planning and all markets are not alike. We also recognize you may already be investing in promoting your practice so we can complement your present strategy and integrate seamlessly with your current marketing plan.
We can assist and complement your present marketing agency with the following disciplines:

  • Custom URL and Personalized Hybridge Landing Page
  • Hybridge Marketing Assets for a Practice Website
  • High-Quality Full Arch Marketing Creative Assets including:
    • Digital and Social Media Assets
    • Patient Brochures, Counter Signs, and Waiting Room Materials
    • Graphic Design and Copy Writing
    • Patient Education Tools to Help with Case Conversion

In addition, Hybridge brand licensees have access to a comprehensive suite of broadcast quality marketing and advertising assets. We are confident we can create the appropriate mix of customizable assets to meet your branding and promotional needs.

To receive more information or to schedule a practice growth webinar, click here or contact us by calling 585-319-5400

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As you expand your full arch practice, we can help you overcome competition, price compression, and eliminate the inconsistencies with other full arch protocols.

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Patients Please Note: Each dental office that offers the Hybridge Full Arch system is independently owned and operated. To find the Hybridge Certified Doctor nearest you, please click here.

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