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Episode 2: The Patient Promise

Full-Arch Restoration - Mission Possible (Mini-Series)

The Patient Promise,” explores the responsibility the doctor undertakes on behalf of the patient to reach a very positive outcome. To accomplish this goal, the patient and doctor must enjoy a common bond of trust, knowledge, and respect.

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Episode 2 - The Patient Promise

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Randal: Thank you for joining me today Dr. LaMar.

Dr. Frank: Glad to be here Randal.

Randal: Dr. LaMar, you make a solemn promise to every full-arch patient you treat. What are some of the elements of that promise and why has that become your personal philosophy?

Dr. Frank: You know our patients when they when they come into the office many of them have been holding off for sometimes decades. They finally make the phone call. They finally decided that they're going to come in. The majority of them come in really really hesitant and unsure about maybe what's going to come. So when we do finally have those conversations, and we talked about prognosis based treatment planning, and kind of talking them through the possibility of transitioning from a natural dentition to an implant restoration, there's a certain leap of faith that they have to take at some point. It may not be the day of consultation, but at some point they're going to come back and they're going to say that they're ready to go through treatment. And I've always seen that a patient who's ready to put themselves really in our hands and taking them from teeth to implants they're actually trusting us and we've never taken that lightly. We also know that for a lot of folks, they're spending a lot of money for us to bring them through that process. So we’re very serious about this idea that they're only doing that because in some way we’ve promised that we can do it well. And we've defined a path and if they follow us down this path we're going to take them somewhere that they want to be. Whether it's full function, a beautiful smile, long lasting teeth, health, and so fulfilling the promise and we talk about fulfilling the full-arch promise a lot, but fulfilling the promise means that at the end of treatment they're fully satisfied and they would do it again or they would recommend it to a friend.

Randal: Thank you very much Dr. LaMar I'm sure your patients do get a sense that you mean that promise and it does help them through the process.

Dr. Frank: Thanks Randal. We’d like to hope so and I think you know getting back to a patient's expectation their objective if we Define two maybe three treatment objectives and at the end of treatment we can say we've checked those boxes and we can go back and evaluate our initial conversation and say this is what the patient really wanted to get out of treatment, and if we do that, I think we've fulfilled our our promise.

Randal: Well thank you for sharing that insight with us today

Dr. Frank: Thanks a lot Randal.

Randal: And thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us on Full-Arch Restoration Mission Possible.

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