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Patients, Click Here for our patient site.

Impact of Predictability

Predictability = Better Clinical Outcomes

With several thousand full arch cases completed, and having followed many of these patients for more than a decade, we can now link case variabilities explicitly to specific decisions in protocol and/or prosthetic design.

Case Challenges

Full Arch Case Challenges

Root Causes

Root Causes of Full Arch Problems

The Hidden Cost of Unpredictability

The Hidden Cost of Full Arch Unpredictability

Hybridge Full Arch System

The Hybridge full arch protocol standardizes cases making them predictable, repeatable, and efficient. This saves time, energy, and money, benefiting both the doctor and patient.

Typical Full Arch System

Unpredictable cases steal doctors’ time and energy, and increases their stress and economic risk. As market prices come down, these doctors can’t compete with doctors that have standardized their protocols.

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Patients Please Note: Each dental office that offers the Hybridge Full Arch system is independently owned and operated. To find the Hybridge Certified Doctor nearest you, please click here.

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