Patients, are you interested in Hybridge Dental Implants? Click here for our patient site.

Patients, Click Here for our patient site.

Hybridge Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Matthew Nawrocki

“Hybridge allows me to grow my practice by targeting a demographic and number of patients that may have otherwise not been able to undergo full arch/mouth implant rehabilitations.”
-Matthew Nawrocki, D.M.D., M.S.,
Orange Park, FL

Dr. Josh Kleederman

“Hybridge has given me the tools to provide a most valuable, predictable, and reproducible, full arch restoration at a fee structure that allows many more patients to accept desired fixed treatment. In addition, the program is well run and well researched. The training is thorough and I am very happy to be a part of the Hybridge family.”
-Josh Kleederman, D.M.D.,
Williamstown, MA

Dr. Richard Aguila

“Being a periodontist, it allowed me to fully understand the restoratively driven Hybridge protocol and my role as the surgeon. The Hybridge protocol follows sound and proven restorative and surgical principles to allow us to provide a high quality prosthesis for our patients.”
-Richard Aguila, D.D.S.
Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Andrew Nawrocki

“I feel Hybridge will be an exceptional partnership that will help my practice take that step to the next level. I feel it will be a game changer than helps myself and my office further distinguish itself from my competitors.”
-Andrew Nawrocki, D.M.D., M.S.,
Ormond Beach, FL

Dr. Daniel C. Delrose

“Hybridge will help restore “life” to patients in our community who have been stopped because of constant dental problems.”
-Daniel C. Delrose, D.D.S., M.S.,
Orange Park, FL

Dr. Hal H. Kimowitz

“It has the potential to tremendously change the ability of our practice to provide alternative implant treatment that will change the lives of our patients and ourselves as well.”
-Hal H. Kimowitz, D.M.D,
Denville, NJ

Dr. Carl Medgaus

“The end product is so amazing and has the ability to so impact our patients’ lives, that there is no other procedure that we, as dentists, can do that can be so rewarding.”
-Carl Medgaus, D.M.D.
Monroeville, PA

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Patients Please Note: Each dental office that offers the Hybridge Full Arch system is independently owned and operated. To find the Hybridge Certified Doctor nearest you, please click here.

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