Patients, are you interested in Hybridge Dental Implants? Click here for our patient site.

Patients, Click Here for our patient site.

What is Hybridge?

  • A proven set of surgical and restorative treatment protocols
  • A comprehensive doctor support system including:
    • Case planning
    • Technical coaching
    • Staff training
    • A surgical and restorative video library
    • Hybridge certified doctor peer group
  • A dedicated full arch specialty laboratory
  • A complete practice development and patient acquisition program

Hybridge ensures the doctor can fulfill their promise to the patient. The degree to which it is any or all of these things depends on the way a practice decides to use it. While the focus of Hybridge is on full arch restorations, it impacts a wide range of complex, restorative dentistry and, thus, your entire implant practice.

The Hybridge Restorative Protocols

One of the strongest advantages of the Hybridge protocol is its foundation and learning experience gleaned from over 8,000 full arch restorations during the past 20 years.

More specifically, the Hybridge full arch dental implant protocols combined with a full arch specialty laboratory provides a highly predictable process and an array of extremely durable, adjustable, and long-lasting screw-retained fixed full-arch prostheses.

The Hybridge protocols have been perfected and standardized which results in a highly predictable, repeatable, and simplified full arch treatment process to the level at which doctors can virtually say “goodbye” to chairside temporaries and conversions forever.

  • For those new to full arch, the protocol provides a simplified, repetitive process applicable in virtually all cases, giving doctors the confidence to design and execute advanced reconstructive dentistry cases from initial consult to final prosthesis.

  • For those already accomplished in full arch and reconstructive dentistry, the protocol greatly reduces chair and appointment time, enabling the practitioner to improve profitability, increase the number of cases performed, and ensure predictable outcomes.

  • Additionally, Hybridge’s custom-designed implants enable doctors to complete a full arch without abutments further reducing practitioner costs while saving patients money.

  • Case times from initial surgery to final prostheses range from as little as two weeks for edentulous mandibular starts, to sixteen weeks for dentate maxilla starts.

Many of the challenges and chair time associated with full arch treatments are in the restorative phase of the case. It follows logically then, that the best protocols would optimize the restorative phase of treatment.

Doctors Make Decisions Pre-Start

  • Type and placement
  • Bone reduction amounts
  • Tooth position

Iterative Nature of Cases is Eliminated

  • Fixed schedule start to finish
  • Steps combined with restorative phase
  • Avoid compromise in prosthesis’ structural integrity or aesthetics
  • Allow for adjustability

Allowing Doctors to:

  • Achieve fit/occlusion on the first try
  • Reduce implant and lab costs
  • Eliminate complications
  • Shorten and predict case duration
  • Reduce prosthetic failure rate

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Patients Please Note: Each dental office that offers the Hybridge Full Arch system is independently owned and operated. To find the Hybridge Certified Doctor nearest you, please click here.

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